Dr. stephanie yomo


Health & Wellness Social Experts

This group is for Health and Wellness Professionals that want to enhance their social media presence.

Core Focuses Of The Group

  • curate your personal brand
  • increase your social media presence
  • create meaningful content with ease

Perks of joining?

  • Monthly free masterclasses focused around one of the 3 core areas
  • Bi-weekly Q and A with Dr. Stephanie
  • Daily Health & Wellness tips
  • Discounts on courses, classes, and events
  • Exclusive community with like minded professionals

And much more!

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    “Dr. Stephanie has really helped me discover my true niche and break a barrier. Her Q&A sessions inspire and give me milestones to hit. It has given me a creative space to grow my ideas. ”

    Q. Carter

    Los Angeles, CA


    How much does it cost to join the Health & Wellness Social Experts Group?

    The cost to join is free!

    Where does all of this amazing education take place?

    Inside of our Facebook Group

    I live in another country.

    Can I still join?

    Absolutely. The group is online so you can live anywhere and join.

    As long as you have wifi and the Facebook app, you will have no problem gaining access.

    How do I join?

    Enter your email above.

    Once you entered your email you will be given a special code and directed to the Facebook group.

    In order to gain access to the Facebook group, you must enter the code.

    all about DR. STephanie yomo:

    I am Dr. Stephanie Young Moss. I am a wife, a mom, a pharmacist and a social media strategist. I understand how much time it takes to manage your family, work full time and create great content for social media.

    I created www.drstephanieyomo.com where you will find practical health and wellness tips, ways to reduce health care disparities and simple ways for health and wellness professionals to curate their personal brand, increase their social presence, and create meaningful content with ease.

    After spending years of learning social media, graphics and planning content, I decided to create user friendly products and training specifically for health and wellness professionals.

    In order to help health and wellness professionals, like you, end the hustle, headache and hardship of content creation, I turned everything that I’ve learned into a step-by-step, easy to use system and trainings that will save you time and money.